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In September 2023, as the Creative Arts Manager at Single Homeless Project, SHP Arthouse collaborated with Deptford Does Art to showcase work from SHP's screen-printing course. 


The exhibit showcased the Young People Print Collective “Manus In Manu” - Print-Series ‘The Origin’ for the Deptford X Festival.

Deptford X encourages projects to showcase work as close as possible to Deptford High Street, and in Sept 2023 SHP Young People are showcased their fantastic series of prints created within the Arthouse screen-printing course at the community driven hub for creatives, Deptford Does Art as part of the yearly festival! 



The Origin’ is a series of prints designed and handmade by 'Manus in Manu Print Collective', a group of 16-25 years individuals.  

Over 16 weeks, the ‘Manus in Manu Print Collective’ participants were supported and guided through their first experience of printmaking through SHP ArtHouse’s ‘South London Print-maker Course,’ with community-based screen-printer Liam Richardson, Arts Manager Meghan O'Malley and project worker Cailtlin O'Reilly. 

The collective learnt a variety of print-making techniques throughout the course and began the creative process through exploring collage, photography, illustration, spray paint and lino-printing.

The group named their collective the ‘Manus in Manu Print Collective’ meaning hand in hand in Latin and designed the MIM logo.  

The collective produced ‘The Origin’ print series in an in-house SHP service space transformed into a screen-printing studio. This offered them a new permanent creative space to learn, collaborate and express themselves. 

Deptford Does Art is a gallery space exhibiting locally created art and crafts. With a rich program of pop-up art events, workshops and talks there is much to see and plenty of opportunity to get involved, be creative and meet like-minded people from the community. Deptford has a strong sense of community, and the gallery creates a space to platform and support local artists and champion the change in the way we shop!

Creative Arts Programme, ArtHouse Manager – Meg shared: “ArtHouse believes that everyone has the right and potential to make and access art. The programme allows space for participants to express themselves creatively, build relationships and confidence in a safe and artistic environment. It also supports participants to explore creative paths into employment and be empowered by entrepreneurial endeavours. As well as provide a platform to showcase participants work through community partnerships; to make mainstream art, cultural networks and institutions more inclusive.”

Collaborating with spaces like Deptford Does Art empowers creatives such as the ‘South London Screen-printer makers' to not only connect local spaces but gives them the opportunity to showcase, sell and share their work with the local community. It gives the local community an insight into community-led projects taking place in their own borough and to give back to the local artists through purchasing an original print from our ‘Art is here for US’ series. 

Participant Bradley has enjoyed the experience which exceeded his expectations. “I was just looking for something to do when I joined the course but it has really helped me find my creativity. I’m looking forward to seeing the response of visitors who come and see our work.”

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